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Another New Age Company acquires a conventional business?

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February 18, 2022

Witness the fusion of new-age innovation and established expertise in this edition of Xeno Pulse. Discover how this strategic move is redefining the future of retail.

Hey there,

Valentine's week arrives and suddenly love is in the air everywhere. Now the question is, does that love exists for your brand? Everyone wants a solid loving relationship with their customers, but it has to be mutually rewarding right? (All the taken fellas, take notes😋). Something to think about maybe?

Coming back to today’s edition, today I’d be talking about two brands who share a strong synergy and common brand values coming together, i.e, BBlunt being acquired by Mamaearth and of course about Best Valentine’s day Campaigns that took place this year.

What did the retail industry expect from Budget 2022?

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Honasa Consumer, D2C startup Mamaearth’s parent company, has acquired hair colour brand, BBLUNT, from Godrej Consumers. The deal has been pegged at around INR 134 Cr. As part of the deal, Honasa will also acquire all salons operated by the firm under the ‘Bhabani Blunt Hair Dressing’ name.

As a part of the transaction, GCPL will be getting Rs 84.5 crore after it divests its 100% stake in BBlunt brand, and the 30% stake that it owns in BBlunt salons. The rest of the proceeds will go to other shareholders including the BBlunt founding team.

Honasa Consumer, which recently joined the coveted unicorn club has been on an acquisition spree as the company is eyeing to build a ‘house of brands,’ a strategy that is fast gaining traction of late. In December, Honasa Consumer had bought content platform Momspresso in a bid to expand its consumer engagement strategies. The company, which counts Sequoia Capital among its backers, had also recently reported a net profit of Rs 24.6 crore for FY21 against a net loss of Rs 5.9 crore in 2019-20 (FY20)

Talking about Bblunt, In its initial days, BBLUNT started as a salon chain in Mumbai and later expanded to other parts of the country. Godrej Consumer Products acquired a 30 percent stake in the company in 2013, after which the brand diversified into hair products category. The company’s product portfolio currently consists of hair colors, shampoos, dry shampoos, conditioners, styling products, serums and temporary hair colors.

This deal will not only enable BBLUNT to leverage Honasa’s D2C and e-commerce presence to strengthen, scale up its business but to also broaden its customer, product, geographical and technological base.

Really excited to see how Mamaearth can provide additional wings to a great brand.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Campaigns of 2022 that you can’t miss

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This love season brands went all out with creativity and created some amazing, heart-touching and humorous marketing campaigns to win over their customers this Valentines. The top 5 campaigns are as follows:

  1. Toblerone- Be more thoughtful

Toblerone puts a clever twist on Valentine’s stereotypes, by showing couples giving cringe-worthy and disastrous gifts. We all know that the awful feeling of gifting fails, so their ad is completely relatable. Although the slogan “Be More Thoughtful” comes off sounding a bit preachy, it definitely rings true and inspires us all to do better with our Valentine’s Day gift shopping. How? By buying a Toblerone, of course!

  1. Cadbury 5 Star – Valentine’s Day Alibi

Cadbury 5 Star gave singles the best gift ever for Valentine’s Day – a perfect alibi to get away from all the romance of the season. Instead, customers can win a chance to go on a holiday to a rented island, renamed “My Cousin’s Wedding”. So when singles are asked the dreaded question, “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?”, they can finally answer truthfully: “Traveling to My Cousin’s Wedding!”. Of course, the island will be a haven of single life, with no red color allowed anywhere.To enter the competition, just scan the QR code on any Cadbury 5 Star wrapper. Simple, resonant, humorous, and pure genius!

  1. The Man Company – Scent Of A Gentleman

The Man Company’s Scent Of A Gentleman campaign aims to appreciate the little gestures of kindness, humbleness, and goodness done by men in all innocence that stays in the hearts of receivers for years to come. Especially in the context of Valentine’s Day, the brand aspires to recognize every man standing firmly behind their partner’s success.

  1. Tata CLiQ - CLiQ Forever

If you really loved your ex, you probably still have a soft spot for them. Tata CLiQ took to Linkedin and professed their undying love for their ex-employees directly to their current employers. Talk about breaking the clutter!

  1. Nykaa- Your Style Of Love

Nykaa launched a special Valentine's day campaign celebrating #YourStyleOfLove. The film #YourStyleOfLove poignantly portrays how contrary to popular belief which says love is hard to find, love actually can be found in the most ordinary places every single day. Be it a warm hug from a new friend or the innocence and mischief between old ones, the comfort and the support of a parent or the excitement of discovering something new, a late date night with your best friend, or finding a soulmate in yourself - LOVE is everywhere

✨Story Of the Week: EOSS Rockstars✨

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Might be the end of sale but surely the beginning of super success for some brands

We bring to you End Of Season Sale Rockstars 🤩🤩

Some of the most amazing and interesting campaign ideas used by these rockstars which shot up their ROIs to the moon

Learn how they achieved these results & get inspired by their unique campaign strategies click here.

That’s it for today.

Hope you liked today’s edition, let me know what you think :)

See you next time. Stay safe!

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