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Upgrade your loyalty program to what customers expect today, not what they wanted 10 years ago.

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Your customers 10 years ago vs today

Your customers 10 years ago had limited choices and were patient enough to use those burn points. However, your customers today have unlimited choices and want instant gratification.

Our loyalty program is made for customers of today and the future. With it, you can design loyalty programs that delight your customers while increasing revenue.

You can offer exclusive experiences like sessions with influencers, special benefits like complimentary gifts & free delivery, instant gifts, & lot more.


consumers engage with < half of the loyalty programs to which they belong

Not just transactions. Offer exclusive experiences & benefits.

Customers don’t even wake up from their bed for 1% cashback. Delight your loyal customers by giving them access to experiences & benefits that make them feel special. Let customers earn points & rewards for engaging with you on social media.

Design 100+ promotions with the most configurable loyalty system

Xeno’s rule based loyalty engine enables you to create literally any promotion you can imagine from promotions you’ll send in a marketing campaign to surprise benefits you can set up that’ll delight your customers.

Let customers redeem across e-commerce & store

Post COVID the same customer is shopping both online & in-store. Deliver the same loyalty experience across app, website & in-store so that your loyal customer feels special wherever they engage with you.

Run loyalty on Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram

SMS is dying a slow death in India. Increase the engagement of your loyalty program by communicating rewards available, tier unlocks & so much more on the social media apps your customers are using all day.

Create personalised loyalty journeys for each customer

Walk each customer through a series a personalised communications from the moment they make their first order to maximize affinity with your brand and use that platform to drive repeat purchases.

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