How Lotto kick-started it’s Personalisation Journey with Xeno

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Post-COVID the team realized that the world is moving to digital & Lotto wanted to make use of that opportunity.  They felt the need to build a CRM platform that would help them solve 3 key problem areas of Better Customer Understanding, Running Relevant Personalized Campaigns & Track and retain existing Customers.





Lotto generated an overall ROI of 85x


Campaign Contribution to Repeat Sales

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About Lotto, SSIPL

SSIPL is an integrated sportswear company that has been in the business of manufacturing, retail & distribution of international sports & lifestyle brands since 1994. The brands under SSIPL portfolio include Sports Station, Nike & Lotto.  They have been in a partnership with Lotto India, an Italian sports equipment brand since 2005.

Key Highlights

1. Lotto kick-started its CRM journey with Xeno & started its personalization journey
2. Lotto ran relevant digital campaigns using Xeno’s personalization engine garnering an ROI of up to 85X
3. Lotto’s vision to sustain & grow in 2021 & beyond


Each of Lotto's customers were receiving the same communications regardless of their persona & product preferences.  Therefore, Lotto was on the lookout for a next-gen CRM that would just fit right for the customers of today.


To improve their data collection, Lotto built an integration wherein they discarded their physical bills & moved to e-bills. The customers were required to share their phone numbers in order to receive the e-bill via WhatsApp. Once Lotto got the data infrastructure right, the focus shifted to understanding each & every individual customer. They created a 360-degree customer profile for each of its customers with the help of Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM.

"Our vision is to have a very strong digital presence & increase our online share. Having a strong partner like Xeno, we are focused on achieving our ROI goals & revenue goal month on month with every campaign"

Dharmender Khanna
Head of Digital Transformation, SSIPL Retail


Lotto’s online portal launch: Lotto launched its online portal during the 2nd wave in order to increase their digital footprint & give an offline-like experience to their customers.
Online-to-Online Campaign: Lotto ran an online campaign specifically targeting all of its online customers based on their personas.
Women-Centric Campaign: Moving forward, in order to attract more women & bring in more brand engagement, they targeted all of its women customers according to their preferred product categories & what they were most likely to shop as per their personas.


Xeno & Lotto together have been successfully able to build a very strong digital presence for Lotto. To scale even further, Xeno plans to include Lotto’s online function i.e their online consumers into Xeno’s CRM portfolio. This will not only allow them to increase their revenue but also run cross-sell campaigns between their offline & online customers.

Lotto generated an overall ROI of 85x & the 55% of campaign contribution attributed to Repeat Sales.

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