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Tired of sending blanket communications to your customer?

So are your customers receiving them.. Time’s have changed, your customers have changed and so are their expectations from you. Now, what does this mean for you?

First and foremost you need to understand that personalization is not an option anymore, it’s a must-have, your customers expect it, and more.

This means your CRM and Loyalty programs also need to be digitally transformed to match the expectations of today.

personalised social media campaigns

Marketers struggle to create personalised experiences

Developing a customer-ready approach


are dissatisfied with the customer analytics

Another change you need to understand is that customers not only hate blanket communications but have moved away from SMSs as well.

Post-Covid, customers have moved to digital and are definitely not coming back. Customers are now spending up to 9 hrs a day on their mobile devices today and every single customer is flocking to these apps.

To adapt to this transformation and maximize revenue from your customer base, your CRM program must move with the customers of today.

Build a deep customer understanding

Build a deep customer understanding & use those insights to better understand customer behavior. Understand what drives each customer to shop with Xeno’s CDP (Customer Data Platform). Create a 360* view of your customers across stores, e-commerce, loyalty & feedback systems. Know if each customer is a discount seeker, their favorite product category, when they’re likely to shop next & what product they’re likely to buy next.

Move away from irrelevant channels

Move away from irrelevant channels like SMS, & shift to the future-ready approach with digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Hotstar, Youtube, etc. Use Xeno’s personalization engine to create campaigns that are relevant for each & every individual customer across SMS, email, Facebook & Instagram, etc.  Powered by Xeno’s AI, identify the right audience for any campaign in just 3 clicks & improve campaign conversions by 10% to 50%

Run Relevant Digital Campaigns

Run Relevant Digital Campaigns by reaching out to your customers with the right offer on the right channel at the right time. Post COVID the same customer is shopping both online & in-store. Deliver the same loyalty experience across app, website & in-store so that your loyal customer feels special wherever they engage with you.

How Xeno’s AI-powered CRM Runs Relevant Digital Campaigns

Xeno’s AI-powered CRM is built on three pillars i.e deeper customer understanding, running relevant digital campaigns, and a partnership towards revenue maximization. To solve the perennial problem of CRM, we’ve got everything you need to delight your customers.

Cleaning, Mapping & Structuring of Data

Without a clean data that is mapped and structured with proper product hierarchies, there’s no personalisation. Our team works with you to make sense of the data collected from silos like POS, Website, Feedback, Loyalty, etc.

Persona Creation

Cleaning the data is not enough. You need a 360* view for each customer. That’s why we enable you to create personas without a data scientist, empowering marketers to create & configure ML personas like favorite products, favorite time of day, next best recommendations, etc.

Creating Multi-Channel Digital Campaigns in a Few Clicks

This is where the magic happens. Using the personas created, you can now run personalized campaigns in just a few clicks like never before. And even if you don’t define use cases, you can use our AI audience suggestions algorithm to identify the best audience for any campaign in just 3 clicks.

Track & optimize all your campaigns in one place

Finally, instead of banding your head on Facebook and Instagram Ad dashboards, you can use Xeno’s personalized dashboard to see all the campaigns and optimize them in real-time.

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