RETAIL REIMAGINED / Unlocking Customer Centricity

Unlocking Customer Centricity


Learn how retailers are adapting to the changing landscape of customer behavior in this episode of Retail Reimagined with Dharmendra Mehta, Business Head of eCommerce, Lals Group, as he talks in detail about the power of customer centricity, the behavioral science behind consumer preferences, the key trends that retailers should keep in mind for future. This 30-minute conversation is no less than an insider insight from a Multi-Million Dollar Retail Brand.


00:00 - 01:04 Introduction
01:04 - 05:00 Dharmendra's 25 years of Journey in retail
05:00 - 08:45 Is Retail Art? Science? or a Perfect Balance of Both?
09:01 - 12:39 Retail and E-commerce: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
12:39 - 16:23 Discovering the Mecca of Retail - from India to Middle East
16:23 - 18:24 The Glocal nature of the Local Market: Learning for small businesses
18:24 - 22:41 Effective Customer Interaction in the Age of Intelligence
22:41 - 24:51 Is Metaverse the new Retail Enabler?
24:51 - 30:44 5 Upcoming Trends in Retail


Dharmendra Mehta is the Business Head, E-Commerce business at Lal’s Group. Hehas over 25 years of experience in building and scaling retail, e-commerce and omni-channel businesses across the Middle East and Asia. At Lal’s Group, he is responsiblefor building digital journeys for the group’s portfolio of own and franchise brands acrossthe region.

Prior to joining Lal’s Group, Dharmendra was CEO, GCC for where he oversawthe company’s internationalization charter across verticals of fitness, nutrition, mentalwellbeing and primary health care. In previous stints, he has worked with India’s largeste-commerce company Flipkart as Director of Fashion, Chief of Staff and Director ofLogistics  and at  Future Lifestyle Retail  as Head of Store Operations and Head ofCategory for large format fashion stores Central and Brand Factory.


Jitendranath Patri is the Principle Consultant at Xeno. With over 25+ years of working in Retail and leading Marketing at Central & Brand Factory, he has extensive experience in Marketing, CRM & Customer Loyalty, and technology. At Xeno, he hosts a Podcast “Retail Reimagined” where he speaks to CXOs from the retail industry and explores their journeys, experiences, and business insights.

dharmendra mehta retail podcast

ft. Dharmendra Mehta, Business Head of eCommerce, Lals Group


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