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Design Thinking in Fashion


Learn how retailers can adapt to implement design thinking & buying behavior of customers to attain maximum return in this episode of Retail Reimagined with Shivanee Dutt, previously Myntra, Amazon, and many large-scale retailers, as she talks in detail about the best practices for creating a customer-centric approach using design and merchandising. This 40-minute conversation is no less than a walkthrough of strategies for Fashion Brands.


00:00 - 01:22 - Introduction
01:22 - 17:40 - Shivani's 20 years journey in Merchandise & Retail
12:56 - 17:40 - The Human Capital Centricity of Buying, Merchandising, and Design in Retail
18:00 - 26:01 - India v/s the US side of Retail: What are the Key Differences & Trends?
26:13 - 30:04 - Embracing Omnichannel to stay connected to the Consumers
30:13 - 31:05 - Blooming era of the "Right Personalization"
31:24 - 35:20 - The Transformation of Retail & its Trends
35:48 - 38:21 Rise of Digital Storefronts & Metaverse in Fashion Retail


Shivanee Dutt is an accomplished fashion designer and merchandiser who has held various leadership roles in both traditional and online retail. In her career spanning 2 decades, she has worked with some of the best Indian and International fashion brands like Levi’s, Spanx, Fossil, Transition Lenses, and Amazon. She was, till recently, the Director of Buying Curation at Myntra, where she led a team of trend researchers and curators focused on delivering a compelling customer experience and driving business growth.


Jitendranath Patri is the Principle Consultant at Xeno. With over 25+ years of working in Retail and leading Marketing at Central & Brand Factory, he has extensive experience in Marketing, CRM & Customer Loyalty, and technology. At Xeno, he hosts a Podcast “Retail Reimagined” where he speaks to CXOs from the retail industry and explores their journeys, experiences, and business insights.

shivanee retail podcast

ft. Shivanee Dutt, Previously Myntra


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