RETAIL REIMAGINED / 30 Minutes D2C Masterclass

30 Minutes D2C Masterclass


Learn how to build a D2C business from scratch in this episode of Retail Reimagined with Arjun Vaidya, Co-Founder, V3 ventures, as he talks about in-depth consumer understanding, the science behind retention & acquisition, and 5 non-negotiable actions to take for building a successful D2C business. This 30-minute conversation is no less than a D2C masterclass for budding entrepreneurs. Tune in Now!


00:00 - 00:58 Introduction
00:58 - 03:32 Arjun's journey into venturing D2C
03:32 - 05:27 The silver lining between Online & Offline Business
05:27 - 07:51 Challenges of starting a business with no prior experience
07:51 - 08:45 The role of customer experience in repeat purchases
08:45 - 10:26 What factors popularized the onset of D2C startups?
10:26 - 16:15 Realization of Omnichannel ecosystem by D2C Brands: Myth or Real?
16:15 - 21:39 Five Actionable Advices for new-age D2C founders


Arjun Vaidya founded Dr. Vaidya’s in 2016 and built it into the largest Ayurvedic direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand in India. By the time he sold the company four years later, in one of India’s first D2C exits, he had successfully scaled the brand across 16,000+ zip codes, had over 2 million customers, and had launched over 80 products. Outside of work, he runs the podcast Direct to a Billion Consumers on the consumer space in India and also runs India’s largest cohort-based course on building a D2C brand.


Jitendranath Patri is the Principle Consultant at Xeno. With over 25+ years of working in Retail and leading Marketing at Central & Brand Factory, he has extensive experience in Marketing, CRM & Customer Loyalty, and technology. At Xeno, he hosts a Podcast “Retail Reimagined” where he speaks to CXOs from the retail industry and explores their journeys, experiences, and business insights.

arjun vaidya podcast

ft. Arjun Vaidya, Co-Founder, V3 Ventures


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