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Trusted By Leading Retailers

Trusted By Leading Retailers

Here’s why our Customers Love Us

With the help of Xeno we were able to increase our average weekly revenue from closed clinics customers by 51%. Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM helped us to personalise our communication according to the interests, lifestyle and behaviors of our customers.

Pooja Sahgal, Marketing Head, Kaya Clinics

Customer Retention was always a concerning topic for us before Xeno came on board. Xeno has helped us to not only understand our customer base better but also work towards retaining them & building the required customer loyalty. We are now focused on achieving our revenue & ROI goals month on month with every personalized digital campaign.

Mauli Teli, Founder, Iba Cosmetics

We started working with Xeno at a challenging time. But the results have been very promising. With Xeno, we are able to run many experiments and while we are in a learning phase, experiments have proved fruitful. The team at Xeno is solid, they work like your in-house partner and presents well thought plans.

Shazia Zafar, Previously Chumbak

If you need a partner who understands your business, if you need a partner who understands how the whole CRM thing comes about, from how the integration happens to how the personas are built & how the customer bucketing happens. Then Xeno’s for you.

Tushar Mehta, VP Marketing, Taco Bell

Xeno has a great understanding of the customers which enables us to make sense out of our data and send personalized communication to our customers. They have a rock-solid team who goes above and beyond to deliver the best results.

Jigar Patel, Owner, G3+ Fashions

We knew digital is the way ahead for CRM. Xeno being the leading player for digital CRM for retailers in India became the right fit for us to kickstart our digital CRM journey. Now we’re happy to say that our thought process has been validated with an 40% uplift on Digital over SMS campaigns during black friday sale.

Nazif Tejani, Lead - CRM, Bestseller

Our vision is to have a very strong digital presence & increase our online share. Having a strong partner like Xeno, we are focused on achieving our ROI goals & revenue goal month on month with every campaign.

Dharmender Khanna, Previously SSIPL

It has been a great experience working with the Xeno team for the past few months. I love how both the teams have seamlessly tied together to work towards our vision. The situation definitely looks a lot better post the second way of COVID-19 & we are really hopeful to achieve some more tremendous results in the coming months.

Prathamesh Sawant, Previously Me n Moms

We used to do carpet bombing but now with Xeno’s AI we personalise the communications basis customer clusters.We can now understand consumers better and  personalise communications to them based on their lifestyle, interest and the products they like to buy which is extremely critical in today's time

Dhruv Bogra, Country Manager, Forever New