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Xeno’s Spring Rockstar

Xeno’s Spring Rockstar
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February 22, 2023

Top retailers are using Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM to build a deep customer understanding, create relevant campaigns across digital channels, and in the process maximizing their revenue from their loyal customers.

Spring is all about new beginnings and revitalization. The time when days grow longer, flowers bloom, and earth seems to come to life again. Just something so beautiful about this season.

With spring in the air, we are surrounded by a lot of positivity and energy. This gives marketers a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the season to push profits forward just like the blooming flowers in the vibrant green.

Speaking of which, the brands at Xeno also had an amazing start to this colorful season from garnering an ROI of 415X to generating incremental revenue of up to 260%.

Here are some of my favorite campaigns from the season:

👗Forever New generated an ROI of 415X using cluster-based personalized campaigns

With Women’s Day around the corner, Forever New did not want to miss this opportunity to make their customers feel special & appreciated and thus, wanted to make the most out of their Women’s Day sale campaign.

To make this possible, their entire customer base was divided into 6 clusters depending upon their personas which were:

  1. Fashionable Value Seekers: 2+ Visits, Discount Seeker, Buys Tops, Jackets & Knitwear, Dresses
  2. Trendsetters: 2+ Visits, Full Price Buyer, Buys Tops, Jackets & Knitwear, Dresses
  3. Potential Trendsetters: Discount opportunist, accessories, handbag, tops, jackets buyer, 1 visit)
  4. Accessory & Handbag Lovers: 2+ Visits, Accessories/ Handbags buyer
  5. Special Occasion Buyers: 1 Visit, Buys Dresses & Petite, Discount Opportunist/Full Price Buyer
  6. Aspirational buyer: 1 Visit, Discount Seeker, Buys any product on sale

Each cluster had different product preferences for the clusters are different therefore the ads were designed in such a way that customers were shown products they prefer to buy.

The campaigns resulted in an overall ROI of 415X.

😍G3 generated an ROI of 223X from its Spring-summer wear collection

Spring season is the time when your customers are saying goodbye to the dark gloomy winters and welcoming the season of colors. It is when customers look forward to the season sales for some beautiful additions to their wardrobes.

To take advantage of this season, G3 launched its Spring summer wear collection. Keeping in mind the upcoming festival season & summers, there collection was based out of two categories i.e western and ethnic wear.

To add relevancy to their communications, their audience was divided into 3 main buckets:

  • Single-frequency in the past 1 year
  • Dormant customers beyond 1 year, and
  • Repeaters from the past 1 year

Each of these buckets was targeted on the basis of their purchase history, sub-category-based preferences, and their discount-seeking persona.

As a result, G3 generated an ROI of 223X.

💅🏻Colobar’s new product launch campaign produced a 90% uplift in conversions

As a part of its spring marketing campaign, Colorbar launched three new products; eyeshadow pallette, lip liner and foundation.

To make the campaign relevant to each of its customers, they targeted the audience on the basis of their category persona which was matched with the new product launch for running the campaign.

The new product launch campaign observed a 90% uplift in conversion and a ROI of 41X.

🥰Nandos spring campaign resulted in an uplift of 94.44% ROI due to personalized efforts

Nandos leveraged Xeno’s AI audience selection to identify the best set of audience for its Spring campaign. The identified audience was targetted according to their product category-based to make the communications personalized & relevant.

The campaign resulted in an uplift of 94.44% in ROI

👠Calcetto observed an uplift of 500% in overall campaign conversion

Calcetto launched its new arrival campaign and targetted audience who would prefer non discounted audience and new arrivals.

The campaign resulted in an uplift of 500% in overall campaign conversions

🌼PureHome generated an ROI of 76X using Xeno’s AI audience selection

Spring time is all about freshness, a lot of greenery, colors and positivity. Taking advantage of the flowery mood, Pure home launched it’s new collection by the name of PureBloom comprising of beautifully curated floral arrangements.

Pure Bloom used Xeno’s AI audience to launch its new collection generating an ROI of 76X

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