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Xeno Summer Rockstars

Xeno Summer Rockstars
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August 3, 2022

Discover how Xeno's Summer Rockstars are revolutionizing the retail industry during the vibrant summer season. Explore the strategies, insights, and success stories of retailers who have harnessed Xeno's solutions to create captivating summer campaigns, drive sales, and engage customers. Learn how retailers optimized their marketing efforts, delivered personalized experiences, and implemented innovative strategies to stand out in the competitive summer market. Uncover the secrets behind successful summer campaigns and elevate your retail performance.

Know how brands like Forest Essentials generated revenue with a strong ROI at the time of COVID.

Like Adam Levine sang “This Summer is gonna hurt like mo…”, COVID made sure we felt the pain this summer. Yet even in this scenario, with customers barely going to stores, some brands figured out ways to generate revenue with a 15x to a 500x ROI on their marketing spend. Isn’t that awesome 🥳

Brands with best ROI generated using Xeno Marketing Cloud during June-July 2020

Unbelievable right? The Xeno Summer Rockstars converted a dreamy result into their reality. Read on to find out how & at the end we have some interesting insights for you to improve your campaigns too.

Campaign of the season: Forest Essentials get 576X ROI

Forest Essentials won their loyal customers' hearts this Rakshabandhan and generated a massive ROI of 576x on its marketing spend! 

Rakshabandhan is all about getting festive vibes around and not to mention- Gifts! Forest Essentials ran a Rakhi- Gift with Purchase campaign with Xeno and took it to a whole new level by personalizing the content for different customers.

Forest Essentials shared a different story with customers based on their genders & average ticket size.

The ads shown to male customers emphasized on pampering their sisters. While, for females, the brands emphasized on pampering themselves

Furthermore, the audience had been divided based on their average spent with the brand and their gender with each of them receiving a personalized communication.

  • For ATV> Rs 6000- Get a gift box from Forest Essentials with purchase of Rs. 9999
  • For ATV< Rs 6000- Buy a customizable gift from Forest Essentials

Additionally, Forest Essentials used Xeno’s AI Audience Suggestion to get the best audience possible for their budget for each of the 4 campaigns.

Overall the campaign was a huge hit on the channels like Facebook, Instagram and email with an average open rate of 10.6% and an average cost per click of Rs 8 generating a massive ROI of 576x on the marketing spend!

As a LinkedIn post ready takeaway 3 things led to Forest Essentials generating 576X ROI on their campaign.

  1. Personalising the content on the basis of gender & ticket size
  2. Reaching out to the most likely to convert on Raksha Bandhan audience using Xeno's AI automated suggestions
  3. Using Facebook, Instagram & email as the markets channels instead of SMS

In case you didn’t realize it yet, no SMS was sent in the campaign of the season and it’s not even a surprise to us, because across multiple campaigns we’ve noticed that SMS is slowly dying in India and other channels are delivering better returns.

Forever New generated 68X ROI during the lockdown phase

In the month of April, Forever New ran campaigns that enabled them to generate a 68X ROI. Know how they made it happen here.

Taco Bell shares their story on building a partnership with Xeno

Tushar, AVP Marketing of Taco Bell shares his story on building a partnership with Xeno

Here’s a summary of our founder Pranav’s conversation with Tushar, the AVP of marketing at Taco Bell in just 4 quotes:

“The data scientists are on the ball every single time.

They all consider Taco Bell as their own brand. Working with Xeno is comforting for the entire organization”

“I haven’t ever seen before the integration and then the relevant insights in such a short time and that analysis even reflected in our campaign strategy. And what matters to us the most is when we asked Tushar on his thoughts on why you should consider working with Xeno"

“If you need the right partner if you need a partner who understands your business if you need a partner who understands how the whole CRM thing comes about from how the integration happens, how the personas are built & how the customer bucketing happens. All that has to be done with the know-how of a partner who has done this consistently for brands and most importantly treats this entire journey as their own.”

After failing with 3 other providers, Nirula’s successfully understood their consumers by starting a loyalty program with Xeno

Sumant Bhargava, CEO & Director of Nirula's Ice-cream shares his experience working with Xeno and more. Here's are two quotes from the video:

Xeno has a great understanding of the customers and thus has a unique product offering which enabled us to generate real-time ROI. If I ran a promotion, I can instantly see on the dashboard the result I got and I can use that information in real-time because of the proactive team.”

“The level of engagement we saw with the Xeno team was far higher than any other company. Typically if we want to run a promo and ask them in the morning, we’re able to run it by 4 PM.”

Watch the whole video here.

Learnings from the Xeno Summer Rockstars that you can use to improve your campaigns

Retailers generated more than 2X the ROI vs. F&B brands

Interestingly, the CPC for retailers was also 1/4th the CPC for restaurant brands. Who would have thought that we're more likely to click on ads for dresses instead of yummy food? But we're 4x more likely.

Facebook Marketing Generates 127x more ROI from SMS only Marketing

Customers were already spending a lot of time on Facebook & Instagram before COVID. Now that's shot up even more and that means that there is now more ad inventory available & cheaper ad slots. Those cheaper ad slots are leading to a higher ROI on Facebook compared to SMS. SMS is in danger now.

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