Why you shouldn't stop running Facebook Ads, Especially Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought about the transformation from the day-to-day lives of individuals to the functioning of brands across the world. For instance, 89% of business owners have taken action with their budget in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While 45% have adjusted the way they deliver ads.

As brands across the world seek to navigate through these hard times. One of the biggest issues that marketers and strategists face is of predicting changing user behavior. For instance, GenZ, GenX, and baby boomers are spending more time online. But, not by the intent of making a purchase or researching but for entertainment purposes.

The cost of running ads on Facebook is at an all-time low. With a bit of clever marketing, you can leverage this opportunity to generate sales. For instance, the team at Xeno ran a series of hygiene campaigns for a biryani brand. The ad was simple and consisted of showcasing how the brand is taking care of hygiene while preparing orders. This small step was able to generate 15x ROI for the biryani brand.

At the same time, ads that are targeted towards brand loyalists are turning out to be very successful. For example, food delivery brands can showcase the fact that they support no-touch delivery and also a video showcasing how their meals are prepared in a completely sanitised kitchen.

These ideas may seem very simple, but they pack a punch and are bound to get results. Leveraging such ideas, Xeno’s client involved in food delivery service was able to generate 37x ROI on their marketing spend, while an Asian restaurant was able to generate 55x ROI on marketing spend.

We have also listed some ways you can use your menu as a marketing tool, Read the article here.

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