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Utilising Video-Shopping to Generate Sales During COVID-19

Utilising Video-Shopping to Generate Sales During COVID-19
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March 20, 2022

Discover how retailers can leverage video shopping to generate sales during COVID-19. Learn about the benefits of utilizing video shopping, such as enhancing customer engagement, providing personalized experiences, and adapting to the current shopping preferences. Explore effective strategies for implementing video shopping, optimizing virtual interactions, and driving conversions in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Unlocking the Power of Video Shopping: Boosting Sales During COVID-19 and Beyond

As brands across the world improvise their marketing efforts in response to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a slew of creative marketing tactics coming forward. For now, being creative with the limited resources in hand is a necessity that brands cannot ignore. One tactic that may go on to become a staple for retailers during this crisis will be of “Video-Shopping Experience”.

The concept of Video Shopping Experience is to enable your customers to buy products from your brand by providing them with an online platform where your brand’s staff provides consultation to your customers about a product over a scheduled video call. This way, engaging your customers and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Adapting to the New Normal: How Video Shopping Drives Sales Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Video-Shopping Experience has bear fruitful results in countries like China which has been tackling the COVID-19 crisis for a much longer duration. For instance, Chinese brand Lin Qingxuan got 100+ of its beauty advisors to become online influencers who used online platforms such as WeChat to engage customers and drive sales. This creative idea was implemented after Lin Qingxuan was forced to close 40% of its stores during the crisis.

But, the online strategy became very successful and the brand registered an increment of 200% growth compared to last year. Due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis on brick-and-mortar retail, Chinese brands displayed agility and revamped their sales strategy temporarily. The main focus is to reduce the losses incurred while keeping the business afloat.

In this challenging time, people are looking at brands to display agility and preparedness. Apart from delivering relevant communication to customers, brands also need to find ways to engage customers to drive sales.

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