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How top brands maximized their sales this Diwali with Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM 🪔🪔

How top brands maximized their sales this Diwali with Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM 🪔🪔
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November 30, 2021

Discover how top brands achieved record-breaking sales during Diwali with Xeno's Next-Gen CRM. Explore the strategies, insights, and success stories of retailers who harnessed the power of advanced customer relationship management to drive engagement, personalize offers, and optimize marketing campaigns during the festive season. Learn how these brands effectively connected with their customers, increased conversions, and surpassed their sales targets.

Hey there, I am Manav Goel, head of marketing strategy at Xeno.

Diwali is my favorite festival for multiple reasons and why not? There’s no festival like Diwali in India. The country is lit by diyas and lanterns. Everyone’s in a joyful mood. People, surroundings – they’re all bright & cheerful.

The Diwali though was super important for me for a different reason. All our partner retailers were depending on Diwali to increase their sales & recoup lost revenues due to COVID. That meant, this year more than ever before it was super critical to delivering incremental revenue from our Diwali marketing campaigns.

I’m glad to say, we made it happen. Here’s how Diwali campaigns performed for 5 of our partner retailers:

Since a lot of people have been asking me recently, what Diwali campaigns were successful, here are actual campaigns that worked well for our retail partners

Bringing back the dead: Amante generated an ROI of 30X from its dormant customers this Diwali 👙

Brands often believe that a customer which once becomes dormant is highly unlikely to return. However, we at Xeno think otherwise. Diwali is the time when customers are most sensitive to making a purchase, they are in a mood to loosen up their wallet and spend that extra Diwali bonus on themselves.

To add some sparkle to the lives of Amante’s dormant customers, we targeted all the customers that haven’t made a purchase for one year. We knew this was going to work considering the festive mood, but to incentive the customers we gifted them 1,500 loyalty points on their purchases through which they could claim discounts.

To our surprise, the dormant customers came back and the majority of them were second-time buyers.

Amante was able to generate an ROI of 30X, which is amazing for the customers who were unlikely to ever shop again.

Taco Bell generated 88X ROI with the launch of their Best of Bell Menu 🔔

Taco Bell introduced 8 new products under its new “Best of Bell” menu at INR 59/69 to strengthen their popularity in the fast-paced lifestyle of the urban youth and economically sensitive market. The campaign was executed over 2 months in 3 phases leading up to Diwali.

Communication Plan Phase 1

For pilot stores, customers were targeted based on their favorite product (Product Category Persona Targeting) as these customers were already aware of the value menu items. So, Taco Bell focused on promoting customer’s favorite products to motivate them to buy.

For remaining stores, creating awareness about the value menu was the major focus and hence all customers were targeted with the same ad.

Communication Plan Phase 2

In phase two, customers from pilot stores were targeted with individual items from the value menu, and the remaining customers were reintroduced with the menu.

Communication Plan Phase 3

In phase three, all the customers were pitched the same ad. An individual items ad of the menu highlighting value menu items as add on to the customers were targeted to them as per their preferences.

Here are some of the key highlights of the result that we achieved:

  • Taco Bell generated 88x ROI on their marketing spend
  • Best of Bell Menu’s Value items now account for almost 30% of their total orders
  • The campaign has 10 unique content & that personalization led to a 6x increase in conversions vs. the blanket approach followed earlier.

The Taco Bell team was so happy with the launch of the campaign that they sent me & the Xeno team free tacos & personalised letters to celebrate the successful menu launch. Moments like these make everything worth it. Don’t they?

With this amazing hat-trick, here’s a quick summary of other brands who increased their ROI with Xeno this Diwali.

Calcetto generated 408X ROI with its Diwali campaign

Calcetto targeted all of the most apt customers for workout shoes based on Xeno’s AI audience suggestions so that all the workout freaks could treat themselves with Calcetto shoes. Meanwhile, they created a different communication for other customers to gift the workout shoes to their loved ones. Overall, the campaign was able to generate an ROI of 408X with this campaign.

Forever New generated an ROI of 110x from its new collection launch

Forever New ran a campaign to promote its tops and bottom category of clothes with its festive Gala discount offers. The campaign was shown to the customers on the category-based segmentation where they were targeted on the basis of the last category they shopped for.

With everyone looking to revamp their wardrobes during the Diwali season, Forever New generated an ROI of 110x.

These are just 5 brands. Overall we’ve been lucky to have the chance to partner with 100+ retailers to increase their Diwali sales.

Top retailers are using Xeno’s Next-Gen CRM to build a deep customer understanding, create relevant campaigns across digital channels, and in the process maximizing their revenue from their loyal customers.

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