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How Beauty Brands at Xeno are growing their Repeat Sales by 12%

How Beauty Brands at Xeno are growing their Repeat Sales by 12%
Published On
February 1, 2023

100s of retailers like Kaya Clinics, Colorbar, Iba Halal, BBlunt, & Kama Ayurveda, etc use Xeno to increase their eCommerce & store sales month-on-month.


Xeno is an AI-powered CRM that enables large retailers & D2C brands to increase repeat sales by 11% by building an understanding of each individual customer & creating more relevant marketing campaigns across SMS, email, Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram. 100s of retailers like Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Tacobell,  Jack & Jones, Kama Ayurveda, Kaya Clinics, etc use Xeno to increase their eCommerce & store sales month-on-month.

How Xeno revamped Colorbar’s Loyalty Program & enabled them an Incremental Revenue of 46%


Colorbar relied on the same old earn & burn methods to run their loyalty program. The usage of their loyalty program was less than 1% which was a clear indicator of it not working. The customers had to spend a lot of money & visit multiple times in order to move to higher loyalty tiers. This caused a disconnect amongst customers as the jumps & rewards weren’t in line with the lifetime value of the customers.


Xeno proposed a New Loyalty Structure that focused on keeping the customers engaged through exclusive experiences & surprises along with point-based rewards by creating a loyalty program that enabled them to
- Offer exclusive experiences & benefits.
- Design 100+ promotions with the most configurable loyalty system
- Run multi-channel engagement journeys designed to delight & convert customers.
- Let customers redeem across e-commerce & store
- Run loyalty on Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram
- Create personalized loyalty journeys for each customer


The Loyalty Reactivation campaign generated a 46% INCREMENTAL REVENUE from dormant conversions.

We were looking for a partner who could help us restructure our Loyalty Program. One that had more features, more usage and the one that could drive engagement. Xeno ticked all of these boxes and gave us the results that we had been looking for all this while. This was visible in our first-ever loyalty reactivation campaign that generated an incremental revenue of 46% from dormant customers.
Aashna Babbar /
Brand Manager, Colorbar

How Kaya Re-Activated Closed Clinic Customers To Increase Average Weekly Revenue by 51%


At the onset of the pandemic, 23 of the 100+ clinics were shut down. As a result, 17.1% of the customer base was unable to access their services. Since aa significant chunk of revenue came from these customers, the objective was to recover the lost opportunity and re-activate them.


The first step was to identify the high-value customers who had pending sessions according to their lifecycle from these closed stores in order to maximize conversions. After successful segmentation, Kaya decided to personalize content for each customer based on their tier and the services they were interested in.
Based on this information, they ran several personalized campaigns such as:
- Personalized reminders for pending sessions on channels such as Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp
- Cross-sell campaigns based on individual customer's shopping behaviour
- Free gift communication to incentivize customers to complete their pending sessions.


Kaya clinics were able to increase their AVERAGE WEEKLY REVENUE BY 51% from its closed clinic customers.

“Xeno has helped in the retention of top tier Kaya customers by pluggging in customer insights for customer segmentation and curating campiagns with customised messaging & offers. The team has been continuously involved to ensure Kaya succeeds in everything we do”
Prateeti Singh / Marketing Manager, Kaya Clinics

How Rituals Cosmetics increased their repeat sales by 90% using personalized communication


Rituals Cosmetics had multiple sources to collect their customer data. Moreover, each of these data sources received different communications which were not personalized to their needs due to which they were losing out on potential revenue that they could generate if they had a central-level CRM management system.


Xeno created a central-level CRM integrating the brand-level datafrom all of their sources so as to have group-level access to the database & run relevant personalized campaigns.They launched several campaigns such as festive-based campaigns, cross-sell campaigns, and new collection launches, among others.
These campaigns were personalized according to the customer persona of each customer & were further multi-lingual wherein each customer was targetted on the basis of their preferred language.


The campaign resulted in a  GROWTH IN REPEAT SALES BY 90%  as compared to last year

We knew we couldn't scale without having a centralized CRM system. Now with Xeno in the picture, we have been able to integrate all of our data at one place and analyse our performance better at both brand and group level. Moreover, better customer understanding & running personalised communication has been an icing on top. We already see some amazing results coming in & we can't wait to scale this even further. Neeraj Teckchandani / Group CFO,  Apparel UAE

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