🚀 What’s new at Xeno | November 2022

A quick sneak peek of what happened at Xeno in November 2022!

Hello There,

I’d not be lying if I say November has been an amazing month here at Xeno. From attending the Middle East Retail Forum 2022, in Dubai to launching our CRM Guide, we had a celebratory month!🤗

And as we welcome the final few days of this year, it’s time to reflect back on our achievements & failures of the last month.

Here’s a monthly Xeno recap for you:

👑Customer Story Of The Month

Amid all the disheartening market news, what kept celebrations going at Xeno are the results we achieved for our clients during Diwali 2022. Learn more about the strategies adopted by 3 of our partner brands that aced their incremental revenue and noticed an uplift of 21%

Read the full story: Here 👈🏽

Customer Data & a centralized CRM are the prominent pillars of customer retention that generate guaranteed results. Learn how brands like Tommy Hilfiger, and Lotto have increased their repeat sales by 12% by leveraging Data & Segmentation using Xeno’s CRM platform.

Read the full blog to know the strategies adopted by these brands: Here 👈🏽

🎉New Customer Wins

Welcoming our new customers to the Xeno Clan. We hope you enjoy working with us as much as we do!

⚙️What’s new in our Product?

  1. Introduction of Multi-currency Loyalty💲

This update will help users to create loyalty programs across multiple currencies. A default currency can be selected for an account and Xeno will do the necessary point calculations based on the rules & roles of the loyalty program.

  1. Multiple sender IDs per channel📩

Multiple sender IDs have been enabled for one user account, which is supported for all channels: SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This update will help users to send different communication using different sender IDs, eg. separate IDs can be used for transactional and promotional messages.

  1. Significant improvements to Abandon Cart Journeys✅

The Journey interface has been improved, which will help users to take more instructed actions. For example: When a user will edit the journey, a notification will be sent to inform the user that doing so will pause the existing journey.

📚Popular Reads

📑State of Retail CRM: A guidebook by Xeno

Like many aspects of marketing in the digital era, CRM is an area of the tremendous opportunity that is often talked about but rarely done well. Team Xeno partnered with 1000s of top retail brands & groups from The Middle East to decode the common challenges faced by marketers today & how can we solve them.

This guide will help you understand the CRM landscape in Depth & how to choose the right CRM for your brand; Download the Report Here:

📩 Email Marketing Automation for E-commerce Business

Gone are the days when retailers used to ship their products and hoped they would sell. E-commerce today is a very tricky business. In this competitive marketplace, it is necessary for retailers to stay on top of their game and one of the best weapons in this battle is email marketing automation.

This article will help you understand why Email marketing automation is important & how to ace it; Read Here:

🔜Coming Soon: Xeno Marketing Calendar 2023

After the success of the last 3 editions of our marketing calendar and enabling 1000+ retail marketers to plan their marketing campaigns better, we are here with yet another edition.

Keep an eye out because we’re launching it soon. If you blink, you’d definitely miss it🤷🏽‍♂️

That’s all for today. See you there, next month; in the NEW YEAR!🥰

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition. If there's anything I can do to ease your journey with Xeno, you can reach out to my team at info@getxeno.io, or personally to me at pranav@xeno.in

Until next time,

Pranav Ahuja

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