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🚀 What’s new at Xeno | March 2023

🚀 What’s new at Xeno | March 2023
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April 1, 2023

A quick sneak peek of what happened at Xeno in March 2023!

Hello Hello Hello,

Can not believe we already completed a quarter of 2023!

Positive energy, Focused Mindset & Can-Do Attitude; Let us kick off the new fiscal year with these three pillars.

And as we welcome the month of hilarious pranks, and a year of endless possibilities; Let’s have a look at what went down at Xeno last month:

👑 Customer Story of the Month

Taco Bell India collab with Hardik Pandya for Xbox Series S!😍

Taco Bell has partnered with Microsoft for the third year for its iconic Taco Bell x Xbox campaign. This time it’s bigger & better with Hardik Pandya being the face of the campaign.

The first two seasons of the X-box giveaway were highly successful, generating a 69% increase in repeat sales.

Learn the step-by-step strategy that led to these results here: « How Taco Bell India Grew Repeat Sales By 69% Using X-Box Giveaways »

Stay tuned for another success story after we wrap up this third edition😉

🎉 New Customers Win

Welcoming our new customers of Quarter 1, 2023 to the Xeno Clan. We hope you enjoy working with us as much as we do!

⚙️ What’s new in our Product?

Launch of Multi-Currency Project:

This update will provide users with a seamless & efficient way to manage their finances across multiple currencies and reduce the risk of errors or inconsistencies.

  1. Multi-Currency Support: Enables transactions in preferred currency or multi-currencies.
  2. Conversion Rates: Provides an option to put in the fixed conversion rate for the currencies.
  3. Customizable Settings: Allows users to set their preferred currencies, exchange rates, and other relevant settings.
  4. Integration: Easily integrable with existing accounting software, into the existing workflow of users.

📚 Popular Reads

  1. 7 Ways To Reduce Your Customer Churn Rate🫂

A business can increase its profits by 25-125% by reducing the churn rate by just 5%! A number that’s still a dream for many retail brands. Not anymore!

Read our latest blog that talks about 7 simple yet effective ways to reduce customer churn rate by 70%, here:  « 7 Ways To Reduce Customer Churn Rate  »

  1. Xeno’s Ultimate Marketing Calendar 📅

New Financial Year, New Events, Newer ways to make your customers fall for you.🫵🏽 Never miss any important event or deadline with the 5th edition of Xeno’s Ultimate Marketing Calendar. Download now and access the unique actionable tips and tricks from the best retailers in the business: « The Ultimate Marketing Calendar 2023 »

🗞️ Featured Story

SVB Collapse: A Weekend of Terror for Indian Start-ups

No one is not aware of the disheartening Silicon Valley Collapse news. Almost 90% of the start-ups were affected, and we were no different.

Knowing 60% of our funds were tied. The experience was scary, yet enduring. Read Xeno’s journey, published by Inc42, here: << How founders at Xeno Endured The SVB Collapse >>

Xeno at Retail Leadership Summit 2023:

In other news, delighted to have delivered the Keynote at Retail Leadership Summit 2023. P.S. Don’t miss out on the ChatGPT joke!

Watch the entire video here: << Driving Differentiation in Retail | Pranav Ahuja >>

That’s all for today.

See you there, next month!

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition. If there's anything I can do to ease your journey with Xeno, you can reach out to my team at, or personally to me at

Until next time

Pranav Ahuja

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Founder & CEO

Pranav Ahuja is the founder & CEO of Xeno. Pranav & Ayushmaan started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  When he's not busy revolutionizing retail marketing, Pranav enjoys playing poker and basketball.

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