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What's New at Xeno | February 2024

What's New at Xeno | February 2024
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March 1, 2024

February zoomed by, didn't it? With spring peeking around the corner and everyone hustling to hit those Q4 targets, it's been a whirlwind. As we buckle down for a strong finish to the year, we've got a bite-sized update on all things Xeno, plus some handy reads to help you sail through the end of the quarter and get ready for spring.

Hello Hello Hello,

February flew by, filled with a mix of pre-spring anticipation and the final push for Q4 goals. 📆

I know this time of year can be both exciting and a touch nerve-wracking with the anticipation of spring & mid-season sales and the pressure of closing those financial reports.

As we gear up for a successful end to the year, we've got a quick update for you on all things Xeno, along with some helpful reads to navigate the quarter's end and prepare for spring.

⚙️ What’s New in Our Product:

  • Streamlined Returns and Cancellations: Xeno now seamlessly accepts return orders and cancellations against sales orders. This means you can easily manage any changes or reversals in your orders without hassle, ensuring a smoother experience for both you and your customers.
  • Comprehensive Revenue Tracking: Accurately presents revenue from sales, incorporating returns and cancellations. This provides you with a clear and accurate picture of your financial performance, enabling better decision-making and planning.
  • Enhanced Customer Master: Our upgraded customer master now tracks valuable information such as last visit, last location, last channel, and last order based on returns and cancellations. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of your customer's journey and enables you to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively.
  • Improved Order Management: Our CRM can now capture both Cash & Carry and Delivery items, addressing a major issue in online order management. This ensures that you have the necessary information to manage your orders effectively and provide optimal service to your customers.

🎉  New Customer Wins

Xeno’s portfolio just got bigger & better!💯

We're thrilled to have our new customers embarking on their customer engagement journey with us & we can’t wait to achieve tremendous results together.

📖Popular Reads of the Month

March Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Steal top strategies that our clients at Xeno have been using to CRUSH MARCH SALES year-on-year. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the guide for you:👇🏽

  • Strategies to Maximize Holi Sales For QSR brands
  • Strategies to Maximize Holi Sales for beauty & skincare brands
  • Mid-season Sale Blueprint for Fashion Brands

Download the March Marketing Guide for Free here

Marketing Calendar for the FY 24-25

With the arrival of the new financial year, comes the added stress of planning campaigns and devising strategies. But fret not, we've got you covered. Unlock a treasure trove of campaign ideas and strategies for every month with Xeno’s 6th edition of the Ultimate Marketing Calendar 2024. Grab your FREE Marketing Calendar Excel featuring:

1. Industry-specific campaign ideas & strategies
2. Key dates and events for each month of the year

Get your hands on the the Excel Template here

That’s all for today. Hope you have a great month.

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Pranav Ahuja is the founder & CEO of Xeno. Pranav & Ayushmaan started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  When he's not busy revolutionizing retail marketing, Pranav enjoys playing poker and basketball.

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