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🚀What’s new at Xeno | August 2022

🚀What’s new at Xeno | August 2022
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September 1, 2022

From ‘Bombay meri Jaan’ to ‘Vanakkam to Chennai Express’, and WhatsApp to ditching SMS, this has been a phenomenal month for Xeno. And we can't wait to share our August's Round Up to tell you all about what we have been upto.

Hello there,

Summer is officially over & it is the month of August. As we welcome the new month, it’s time to reflect back on our achievements & failures of the last month.

Here’s a monthly Xeno recap for you: 

Customer Story of the Month 👑

1. SSIPL’s Customer-Centric Digital Transformation that lead to a 16% retention uplift

Explore how SSIPL’s Customer-Centric Digital Transformation accelerated with Xeno as Ayushmaan Kapoor, COO, Xeno & Dharmender Khanna, Formerly SSIPL delivers a keynote about digital disruption, problems for retailers, and how SSIPL overcame the challenges.

2. How Chumbak’s No SMS Month generated them an uplift of 21%

The perception & interest of the modern-day consumer as well as regulations by TRAI makes it challenging for marketers to reach the audience via SMS.

Just like every other brand, Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. was also sailing in the same boat until they changed their strategy.

To our surprise, Chumbak generated an incremental 21% without the use of SMS. Learn about their strategy here!

New Customer Wins 🎉

Welcoming our new customers to the Xeno Clan. We hope you enjoy working with us as much as we do!

What’s new in our Product? ⚙️

Xeno recently introduced Whatsapp as an Engagement Channel 

With our Whatsapp integration, users can: 

  • Send automated personalized messages such as product recommendations, abandoned cart recovery, Upsell-Cross Sell Recomendations, etc for higher conversions 
  • Use automated templates from Xeno’s dashboard to save your time, effort & energy. 

Choose from 10+ variables for effective personalization on Whatsapp

Xeno is now ISO- 27001 Certified 🎉

We are pleased to announce that Xeno is now ISO 27001 Certified

This internationally accredited standard recognizes our commitment towards information security & compliance.

This achievement reiterates our long-standing commitment to maintaining and demonstrating the best quality and security practices for our customers & partners.

New Integrations & Features 🎉

Ginesys order integration🛒

Brands using Ginesys POS can benefit from our partnership. Our order integration eases store operations for fulfilling orders with real-time data flowing into Xeno’s server.

Chat360, Kenscio Whatsapp integration📱

This integration allows brands to leverage WhatsApp marketing by creating multiple user segments to send highly personalized campaigns through the Xeno dashboard.

Popular Reads 📚

📖 Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

With 2 Billion active users and over 100 Billion messages exchanged daily, no doubt why WhatsApp is gaining attention from marketers around the globe as a dominant marketing channel. 

We’ve curated this guide to help you understand & execute the best WhatsApp marketing practices.

📖 The Ultimate Guide for Omni-channel Marketing

No wonder social media today has given access to a world never seen before. While you read this, your ideal customer might be scrolling through their social feed scanning your products, or even competitors. Hence the importance of Omni channel marketing is self-understood and this guide will tell you everything you need.

From ‘Bombay meri Jaan’ to ‘Vanakkam to Chennai Express’, August was a memorable month for team Xeno! 🚂

That’s all for today. See you there, next month!😎

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition. If there's anything I can do to ease your journey with Xeno, you can reach out to my team at, or personally to me at

Until next time,

Pranav Ahuja

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Founder & CEO

Pranav Ahuja is the founder & CEO of Xeno. Pranav & Ayushmaan started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  When he's not busy revolutionizing retail marketing, Pranav enjoys playing poker and basketball.

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