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🚀 What’s New at Xeno | April 2023

🚀 What’s New at Xeno | April 2023
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May 4, 2023

A quick sneak peek of what happened at Xeno in April 2023!

Hello Hello Hello,

April showers bring May flowers, or so they say.

But at Xeno, we got a lot more than just flowers last month. From unexpected surprises to exhilarating developments, we had our fair share of excitement.

And as we welcome the month of May;

Let’s have a look at what went down at Xeno last month on its way:

👑 Customer Story of the Month

Bestseller India Completed 2+ Years with Xeno!😍

In 2020, Bestseller India was searching for a technology partner who could enable them to drive repeat sales from their existing customer database and enhance their digital customer journey & engagement. That's when Xeno came into the picture to kick-start its digital CRM journey.

2+ years now & we had executed 1000+ campaigns for all 4 of their brands [Vero Moda, ONLY, Selected, Jack & Jones] and generated tremendous results:

  • 40% uplift on digital over SMS💹
  • 10X ROI on ads spend📊

Catch Nazif Tejani, CRM Lead at Bestseller India below as he shares his experience of working with team << How Bestseller India  generated a 40% uplift on digital over SMS >>

🎉 New Customers Win

Xeno’s portfolio just got bigger & better!💯

We're thrilled to have our new customers embarking on their digital CRM journey with us & we can’t wait to achieve tremendous results together.

⚙️ Xeno Product Playbook:

Retailers often struggle to understand their customers in a meaningful way despite having an abundance of customer data from different touchpoints. This is where Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) come into play:

Here’s how Retailers can leverage CDP significantly:

Consider this –

If a customer shops at a retail store both in-person and online, with CDP in place retailers can:

  1. Unify the customer data from both in-store & online channels, creating a complete profile of their shopping behavior
  2. Use this data to analyze the customer’s preferences & tailor and target personalized marketing campaigns
  3. Use the customer data to enhance their in-store experience – using their purchase history & preferences to make personalized product recommendations or provide exclusive loyalty offers

Here’s how Xeno's CDP Help Retailers Utilize Customer Data Effectively:

  1. Centralized Customer Database: Helps store all customer attributes from all touchpoints in one central place
  2. Real-time Data Collection: Enables seamless integration with the brand’s POS & Website to obtain real-time data
  3. Customer Personas & 360* Customer View: Offers advanced AI-powered customer insights allowing retailers to have 360* holistic views
  1. Segmentation Capabilities: Enable retailers to segment their audience based on behaviors, interests, and engagement levels
  2. Pre-built Integration with Multiple Channels: Offers multiple channel partners for SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! 🙌🏽 Get more information on our latest blog << Customer Data Platform | How CDPs Drive Retail Success  >>

📚 Popular Reads

  1. How Customer Journeys can improve Retention & Loyalty💡

From first discovery to becoming a loyal customer, each individual buyer has a different customer journey altogether. And, optimizing these journeys is key to boosting sales and revenue for any brand.

In our latest blog, we’ve talked about 5 ways how brands can create personalized experiences & delight their customer at every stage to attain retention & loyalty. Read here << Customer Journeys to improve Retention & Loyalty >>

  1. Xeno’s Ultimate Marketing Calendar 2023 📅

If you’re lost in the maze of catching up with 100s of trends & events every month – the 5th edition of Xeno's Ultimate Marketing Calendar is here for your rescue!🫵🏽 Never miss out on any deadlines!

Download Xeno’s Ultimate Retail Marketing Calendar to get exclusive insights and actionable advice for each event, from the most successful brands in the industry, here: << Xeno’s Marketing Calendar 2023 >>

That’s all for today.

See you there, next month!

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition. If there's anything I can do to ease your journey with Xeno, you can reach out to my team at, or personally to me at

Until next time

Pranav Ahuja

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Founder & CEO

Pranav Ahuja is the founder & CEO of Xeno. Pranav & Ayushmaan started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  When he's not busy revolutionizing retail marketing, Pranav enjoys playing poker and basketball.

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