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Tweaking Your Menu For Success During COVID-19

Tweaking Your Menu For Success During COVID-19
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March 13, 2022

Discover effective strategies for tweaking your menu and achieving restaurant success during COVID-19. Learn how to optimize your offerings to meet customer preferences, adapt to changing demands, and enhance takeout and delivery experiences. Navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic with expert tips on menu innovation, pricing strategies, and promoting safety measures.

Navigating COVID-19 Challenges: How to Tweak Your Menu for Restaurant Success

During a crisis such as COVID-19, creativity flourishes. And for the past two to three weeks, the team at Xeno has been closely monitoring campaigns and marketing implemented by top F&B brands across India.

Today, we will share examples with you on how brands are becoming more relevant to their customers and generating sales by simply making some minor tweaks to their menu. Along with some new tips you can use to stay ahead of the curve.

Optimizing Your Menu for the New Normal: Strategies for Success During COVID-19

- Many cafes and tea vendors have now added immune booster dishes and drinks to their menu. These types of items in a menu are bound to be a hit during such an untimely crisis.

- Many restaurants have included Work From Home Special Menus. Which consist of easy on body comfort food just like the one people have at home.

- Many restaurants are now sending pamphlets along with every delivery showcasing all the best practices they are employing and facts about their orders to their customers.

- Sending a handwritten note with every delivery showcase that you care for your customer. This way, you will share empathy with your customers in these hard times.

- Few restaurants are also selling essentials for cooking

BONUS TIP: If you’re feeling a bit creative you can also add a simple crossword puzzle or some other game that your customers can play and share answers with you in exchange for a gift or a discount.

So, here you have it folks, ways on how restaurants are making use of the circumstances to their benefit.

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