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How Fashion Brands at Xeno are growing their Repeat Sales by 12%

How Fashion Brands at Xeno are growing their Repeat Sales by 12%
Published On
November 16, 2022

100s of retailers like Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Tacobell, Jack & Jones, Kama Ayurveda, Kaya Clinics, etc use Xeno to increase their eCommerce & store sales month-on-month.


Xeno is an AI-powered CRM that enables large retailers & D2C brands to increase repeat sales by 11% by building an understanding of each individual customer & creating more relevant marketing campaigns across SMS, email, Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram. 100s of retailers like Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Tacobell,  Jack & Jones, Kama Ayurveda, Kaya Clinics, etc use Xeno to increase their eCommerce & store sales month-on-month.

How Lotto kick-started its Personalisation Journey with Xeno

SSIPL is an integrated sportswear company that has been in the business of manufacturing, retail & distribution of international sports & lifestyle brands since 1994. The brands under SSIPL portfolio include Sports Station, Nike & Lotto.  They have been in a partnership with Lotto India, an Italian sports equipment brand since 2005.


Lotto had a very strong marketing team but they were traditional in nature. Each of their customers were receiving the same communications regardless of their persona & product preferences. Therefore, Lotto was on the lookout for a next-gen CRM that would just fit right for the customers of today.


Data forms an integral part of having a strong CRM program. To kickstart their CRM program, Lotto had to improve its data collection. To improve their data collection, Lotto built an integration wherein they discarded their physical bills & moved to e-bills.
The customers were required to share their phone numbers in order to receive the e-bill via WhatsApp. It brought transparency in the ecosystem enabling omnichannel communication to the customers. This led to a 137% increase in data capture.


Today, Xeno & Lotto together have been successfully able to build a very strong digital presence for Lotto by running personalized digital campaigns relevant to each one of their customers which has enabled them a RETENTION UPLIFT OF 16%.

"Our vision is to have a very strong digital presence & increase our online share. Having a strong partner like Xeno, we are focused on achieving our ROI goals & revenue goal month on month with every campaign"
Dharmender Khanna / Ex-Head of Digital Transformation, SSIPL Retail

How Tommy Hilfiger's festive campaign improved their Repeat Sales by 60%


Tommy Hilfiger had multiple sources to collect their customer data. Moreover, each of these data sources received different communications which were not personalized to their needs due to which they were losing out on potential revenue that they could generate if they had a central-level CRM management system.


Xeno created a central-level CRM integrating the brand-level datafrom all of their sources so as to have group-level access to the database & run relevant personalized campaigns.For campaign, One of the fondest memories people have with EID is associated with ‘Eidi’, the tradition of gifting has long stayed with people & this is something people love.
Keeping the gifting sentiment in mind, Tommy Hilfiger pushed out communications focusing on this sentiment considering the fact that the propensity to consume is high during EID in the UAE.Tommy Hilfiger targeted customers on the basis of their favorite product category & ran targeted campaigns for the people who had shopped during the previous Ramadan period. EID Campaign


The EID Campaign resulted in growth in REPEAT SALES BY 60% as compared to last year.

We knew we couldn't scale without having a centralized CRM system. Now with Xeno in the picture, we have been able to integrate all of our data at one place and analyse our performance better at both brand and group level. Moreover, better customer understanding & running personalised communication has been an icing on top. We already see some amazing results coming in & we can't wait to scale this even further.
Neeraj Teckchandani / Group CFO,  Apparel UAE

How Forever New India generated 68x ROI during COVID using audience optimization


Once the Covid-19 lockdown started sales for all fashion brands moved from the physical stores to e-commerce. It was important to understand what their customers truly want & target only those customers who were most likely to shop during this time.


Forever New had a digital focus Pre-Covid also with over 15% of the revenue coming from e-commerce and a strong digital-first CRM program. That upfront effort made it relatively easier for Forever New to identify the right customers to target to push sales during the lockdown.They ran a pre-order campaign wherein the customers can order anytime and they get the delivery post the lockdown period.
With Xeno’s Audience Selection Algorithm, Forever New identified the customers who had the highest probability to shop based on their customer persona based on the campaign objective.


The campaign resulted in an ROI OF 68x during COVID-19 pandemic.

Xeno allows us to personalise our communication which is extremely critical in today's time. “With Xeno we can understand consumers better and we can personalise communications to them based on their lifestyle, interests & the product they like to buy. We used to do carpet bombing but now with Xeno’s AI we personalise the communications basis customer clusters.
Dhruv Bogra
/ Country Manager, Forever New India

How Me n Moms increased its Repeat Sales by 26% using Xeno


Me n Moms cater to kids between the age of 0-3 years & their mothers. This means they have a customer only for 3 years making the churn rate huge. Me n Moms wanted to maximize their revenue from their customers during the period of 3 years. To achieve this, it was extremely important for them to understand the lifecycle of each of their customers, the product that fits their needs during that time & communicate the same.


Xeno integrated & consolidated the Me n Mom’s data into their system to first identify the products that are under the Me n Moms portfolio and further map the products against the needs of any pregnant woman or a parent with a child to identify how old their kid might be. These clusters were then targetted separately to ensure that they reach out to the customers with the most relevant products.


Me n Moms have been able to grow their REPEAT SALES BY 26% using Xeno.

It has been a great experience working with the Xeno team for the past few months. I love how both the teams have seamlessly tied together to work towards our vision. The situation definitely looks a lot better post the second way of COVID-19 & we are really hopeful to achieve some more tremendous results in the coming months. Prathamesh Sawant / Ex-Marketing Manager, Me n Moms

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