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🚀Best of 2022 | Xeno Year in Review

🚀Best of 2022 | Xeno Year in Review
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November 30, 2022

2022 was all about 2023! Um.. yes, in a weird kinda way. We can’t express everything in a words but here’s a sneak peek for you: Thank you for being an integral part of Xeno’s community!!!! We hope to serve you next year & enable you to grow just like the rest of our clients. Until next time, Wishing you a very Happy New Year

Hello Hello Hello,

The new year is just around the corner & before we jump into 2023, it’s time to reflect back on the amazing year that 2022 has been and see how Xeno improved for you this year!!

Here’s what went down this year:

📈The team at Xeno grew significantly to take on ambitious challenges!

🚀We onboarded some of the biggest retailers in the country

😍We raised $1.6M from global funds across US & Europe along with 15+ notable angel investors

🥳Achieved some kick-ass results for our customers

🌍Xeno went International: We Grew our presence worldwide

✅100+ Retailers used Xeno to run Personalized Digital Campaigns

🏆Our Customers got recognized for their work towards personalization

📃Added some more feathers in our cap

In a weird way, 2022 was all about 2023. I can’t tell you everything that’s coming this year, but take our word for it—big things are coming your way✨

Manifesting only the best things for all of us.

Until next time,

Wishing you a very Happy New Year❤️️

P.S. As a new year's gift, we’re sending out an exclusive copy of Xeno’s Winter Holiday Playbook at just $0.00, only for you!!🥰

See you Next Month, Next Year!

Pranav Ahuja

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Founder & CEO

Pranav Ahuja is the founder & CEO of Xeno. Pranav & Ayushmaan started Xeno together in 2015 and together have a vision to make Xeno the #1 customer intelligence platforms for retailers all across.  When he's not busy revolutionizing retail marketing, Pranav enjoys playing poker and basketball.

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