How US POLO ASSN. Propelled its Marketing Conversions using Xeno Marketing Cloud

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The objective was clear to maximize the ATV of every customer and driving sales via marketing channels. With the objectives in place, USPA went on to define a campaign strategy and a tracking structure to ascertain the overall impact of the marketing campaign and achieved these with flying colors.





Of Total Sales Were Contributed By Campaign Revenue During That Period


ROI Was Achieved By USPA On Their campaign budget


As the official brand of The United States Polo Association (USPA), the non-profit governing body of the sport of Polo in the United States, U.S. Polo Assn. is bolstered by its worldwide distribution via 1000+ stores. With apparel, accessories, footwear, travel and home goods in its arsenal, U.S.P.A is coveted by men, women and children in approximately 150 countries.


As the Indian Market still comes to grips with the digital revolution, brands scurry to find a foothold in this digital landscape. USPA harnessed the Digital 2.0 Era and all its possibilities by pivoting to connect and strengthen their relationships with customers.


Using Xeno’s precise targeting algorithms deep integration with Facebook, USPA set out to engage with its customers, digitally. Each segment was targeted on different social media platforms, with relevant content and communication across multiple channels. Using Xeno’s AI/ML driven solution, USPA could now curate unique 360 degree customer profilesfor all of its 1 Mn Customers. Attributes related to each customers purchasing behaviour like theirfavourite products, preferred channel, Spending capacity, etc., helped USPA to deliver relevantcommunication to each customer.


USPA team deployed the power of data, to cater to each customer’s ATV and the following parameters were used to personalise their communication:
• Current Loyalty rewards/points available
• Last purchase
• Frequency of visits
• Discount Behaviour
• Motivator


36% of Total Sales were contributed by campaign revenue during that period. Moreover, USPA achieved 90x ROI on their campaign budget.

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