Bestseller grew Incremental Revenue from marketing campaigns by 19% with Xeno’s Next Gen CRM during Black Friday sale

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Bestseller has had a strong CRM program driven by personalization on SMS. But with drastic changes in customer behavior, they decided to add new channels to their personalization strategy.





Improved incremental revenue from campaigns

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About Bestseller India

Bestseller India is part of BESTSELLER, a family-owned fashion company founded in Denmark, Europe in 1975. It’s outlets are present worldwide across Europe, The Middle East, North America, Latin America, Australia, and India where it markets and sells its six brands JACK & JONES, VERO MODA, ONLY, SELECTED, JUNAROSE and ONLY & SONS.


Bestseller customers were spread amongst different regions of the country. This is good news. But in a climatically diverse country like ours, Bestseller wanted to make sure their communication was relevant to each and every customer.


Bestseller made this possible through Facebook's geotagging feature and communicating exactly what the customer required.

We knew digital is the way ahead for CRM. Xeno being the leading player for digital CRM for retailers in India became the right fit for us to kickstart our digital CRM journey. Now we’re happy to say that our thought process has been validated with an 19% growth in incremental revenue during black friday sale.

Nazif Tejani
Head of CRM, Bestseller


Bestseller further bifurcated the customer into various categories based on affinity to discounts, their cycle of purchase, and their likelihood to purchase the winter or summer collections and made their 360* personas.


To get a better insight on the impact of running Digital + SMS personalization, the customer base across all 4 brands was split into the 3 groups to track the campaign performance. Bestseller improved incremental revenue from campaigns by 19% by running black-friday sale campaigns

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