How                                Increased Their Repeat Sales By 14% with Xeno

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Impresario Restaurants, a top 5 F&B company in India overcame its customer data and loyalty management challenges to grow repeat revenue by 14% with Xeno


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Increase in Loyalty usage


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Increase in Repeat Sales

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About Impresario Restaurants

Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s top 5 F&B companies. Some of its popular restaurant brands include Smoke House Deli, Social, Salt Water Cafe, and Mocha, among many others. 

Key Highlights

What Challenges & Objectives did Impresario have before onboarding Xeno
How did Impressario set up their Customer Engagement Ecosystem 
Top 3 unique Personalised campaigns that reaped the best results
Problems with Loyalty Program and how were the solved
Measuring the success of this partnership


Impresario Handmade Restaurants encountered significant obstacles within their Customer Engagement Ecosystem, including insufficient data management capabilities and an inefficient loyalty program. 

To tackle these issues, they brought in Xeno to achieve the following two objectives: 
Increasing Customer Frequency
Reactivating Dormant and Lapsed Customers

We utilize Xeno for both CRM and loyalty programs across all our brands, and the partnership has been incredibly rewarding. With Xeno, we've been able to fully leverage our customer database, harnessing valuable insights for personalized experiences, retention strategies, and optimizing our loyalty initiatives. This structured approach has significantly enhanced our ability to retain customers and drive loyalty, surpassing what we were capable of before.

Divya Aggarwal
Chief Growth Officer


→ Unifying Customer Data: Data from multiple sources was merged into a single database, enabling better organization for marketing purposes.

Building Deeper Consumer Understanding: Detailed customer personas were created, highlighting individual preferences

Segmentation based on RFM & Personas: Customers were grouped by recency, frequency, and monetary value, as well as alcohol and dietary preferences.

Running Highly Personalized Campaigns: Targeted marketing efforts aimed to boost weekday sales and cater to varying spending patterns.

Revamping the Loyalty Program: Xeno improved the loyalty point management, added more benefits, and personalized customer journeys, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

Listen to Divya Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer & Rahul Wishard, Head- CRM & Loyalty at Impresario Handmade Restaurants as they talk about their experience with Xeno.

Divya Aggarwal talks about how Xeno enabled one of India’s top 5 F&B companies to increase their repeat sales by 14% by revolutionizing their CRM and loyalty initiatives across their brands like Smoke House Deli, Social & Boss Burger. 

Rahul Wishard talks about how Xeno revolutionized their customer understanding, empowering them to deliver hyper-personalized communications and offers.

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