💡March On, Marketers! | Xeno Pulse 115

February 16, 2023

Hey there,

Valentine’s over? What’s next?🤔

Ah, Spring in India – the month of blooming flowers, pleasant weather, and a marketing frenzy that can make your head spin faster than a Bollywood dancer.

It’s time to warm up your marketing muscles because March is just around the corner.

Fret not, we are here help you hop right into action this March and stand out in the crowd like a flashy Holi outfit.

Let's dive and get ready to add a touch of masala to your marketing this March!

📚 March Marketing: A How-To Guide for Retailers

The Season of Holi & Mid-season sales is about to begin. It brings a terrific opportunity for retail brands to lure in their customers to shop who are more than ready to loosen their wallets and spend!

Want to know the secret to a successful March? It’s easy - just be an early bird. And with our March Marketing playbook, you’ll be prepared for anything.

We promise our guide will be more entertaining than a Bollywood blockbuster, and more effective strategies than a satisfying plate of Gujiya:😋

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the guide for you:👇🏽

  1. How to make your brand stand out during Holi
  2. How to Boost Your Retail Business during Mid-Season Sale
  3. Who are the best customers to target during this time
  4. Campaign Ideas to build Customer Loyalty & Boost Retention

Still looking for a reason to decline this proposal?👀

<< Get your hands on the guidebook here: March Marketing for Retailers >>

📚Story of the Week: How Retailers can turn Customer Data into Valuable Insights

Almost every brand collects customer data, but 41% of brands still struggle to extract the desired value and make a data-driven decision; leading brands to lose their customers to competitors. So, how can retailers take advantage of the data present in 1000s of their spreadsheets to personalize customer experience & tailor journeys?🤷🏽‍♀️

We’ve talked about this and everything in our latest blog. Learn how can retailers get the desired value out of customer data: << Read Here >>

Until next time, keep on slaying those marketing dragons and making all the sales.

Hope you have the brightest week ahead.💪🏼

Until next time

Anisha Arora

Marketing & Content Strategist, Xeno

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