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One-time marketing campaigns are becoming old-school. In the digital world, you need to be in front of the customer at the right place and at the right time. Sadly, traditional marketing campaigns can’t do that. They are time-consuming, involve multiple people, and unreliable.

But by using Xeno’s Journey Builder you can:

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Personalize communications to get maximum conversion

Lack of availability of data leads you to making uninformed decisions and underachieve your goals.

Never depend on anyone!

Set the rules once and let the tool handle it forever. Always know what's happening next for all your customers.

Reach your customers where they are

Use not only SMS but also Facebook, Email, Instagram, and many more channels.

Create highly personalized and automated campaigns across SMS, email, Facebook & Instagram

All customers are different, their fashion choices are different, their buying behavior is different. Do you know what that means? Your fashion brands need to make sure your customer experience is memorable, creates delight, and is personalized.

Welcome your customers

Create curated triggers to automatically delight your first-time customers and get them to visit again.

Recover Abandoned Cart

Effortlessly recapture lost sales and boost conversions by recovering abandoned carts

Grab Discount Hoggers

Intelligently target your discount hoggers, by offering them discounts at a minimum spend level higher than their ticket size

Resurrect the deads

Automated trigger to specifically activate the annoying dormant customers

Get them Online

Running replenishment campaigns for your offline customers to ensure they become regular repeaters by giving them ease and benefits shopping from the online store

Maximise your Loyalty

Create a recall on your loyalty members by reminding them of their loyalty benefits, ensure urgency for leveling up tiers or reward expiration, and gamifying the entire experience.

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