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Every Marketer's Problem

Most marketers think their job is done once a campaign goes live. But the real task  starts just after that! The struggle to analyze campaign effectiveness & getting the data in place. Marketing campaigns generate a lot of data, from campaign insights to revenue reporting, channel-level metrics & so much more. This data is important to analyze campaign effectiveness & make important decisions accordingly.

Here’s what a regular campaign tracking looks like & the consequences that comes along with it:

Lack of availability of data leads you to making uninformed decisions and underachieve your goals.

Without data, you can never know which aspect of your campaign you need to improve and figure out ways increase campaign effectiveness. 

Since you don’t have the data in one place, you need to hire different vendors & invest in tons of tools which takes away both time & money. 

Introducing Xeno’s Campaign Dashboard

You hire multiple vendors, use hundreds of tools and pay tons of money to track campaign performance but still don't know what's going on! That's just money down the drain😤

We know how that feels. That’s why we have built Xeno’s Campaign Dashboard

Multi-Channel Integration

Connect to multiple data sources & manage them in one place

Unified Data Platform

One place for all your data needs. Track & analyze your data in our unified data platform. 

Real-time tracking

Get data insights in real-time & make faster decisions with increased efficiency. 

Visual representation

Visualize your data with our easy-to-understand charts, graphs, funnels, etc. 

360* analysis

Stay on top of your campaign and discover new trends & insights across your data in minutes

Responsive and user-friendly

Access & manage  your dashboard anytime, anywhere with easy to use navigations.

All-in-one Marketing Performance Dashboard

Instantly check your incremental revenue, conversion uplift, and other crucial metrics in real-time without asking anyone. This helps you make the right decisions at the right time to maximize conversions and revenue even further.

Campaign Performance Dashboard

Find out all information each and every campaign, along with overall performance of slit groups, increase in conversion, and ROI.Further dive deep into the performance of each campaign by seeing it in a tabular format as well!

Channel Performance Dashboard

Understand how your campaigns are performing across different channels like SMS, Email, Facebook and Instagram. This will help you tweak your campaigns according to channel performance to further maximize ROI.

Product Performance Dashboard

Measure metrics such as product hit rate, uplift percentage, overall mix percentage & get the best product recommendations for your next campaign. Moreover, you can analyze your source wise performance & tweak your campaigns accordingly.

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