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Every Marketer's Problem

No matter which business you work in, data is a crucial part of it. This is even more true for retail brands.  This is the same trend we’ve seen at Xeno while working with 100+ retailers across continents. Not only that, but we’ve seen all types of retail & marketing problems you can think of such as:

Lack of availability of data leads you to making uninformed decisions and underachieve your goals.

Without data, you can never know which aspect of your campaign you need to improve and figure out ways increase campaign effectiveness. 

Since you don’t have the data in one place, you need to hire different vendors & invest in tons of tools which takes away both time & money. 

Transform data into insights in minutes with Xeno’s Business Reports

Effortlessly transform raw data into actionable insights within seconds to make informed decisions and drive your business forward with confidence.

Multi-Platform Integration

Connect to multiple channels & manage them in one place

Unified Data Platform

One place for all your data needs. Track & analyze your data in our unified data platform. 

Real-time tracking

Get data insights in real-time & make faster decisions with increased efficiency. 

Visual representation

Visualize your data with our easy-to-understand charts, graphs, funnels, etc. 

Insightful analysis

Stay on top of their business and discover new trends & insights across your data in minutes

Better understanding of your business performance

Identify how new & repeat customers are contributing to your business and make data-driven marketing decisions. This helps you define the right KPIs for your business by identifying factors such as time taken by a customer to become a loyalist, the impact of seasonality, distribution of customer spend levels, etc.

Understand your product performance

Distinguish between the products purchased by new vs repeat customers and align your marketing communications accordingly. Recommend the best products to your customers based on these insights & focus on product retention.

Evaluate your data collection process

Understand how much data has been collected by the brand across various channels & locations during a particular time period. This will help you track store-wise performance of your staff & understand purchase behaviour across channels.

Track your marketing conversions

Measure & track your marketing performance in a unified report and make important data-driven decisions. Identify the trend in which the majority of the customers visit again, frequency of repeat customers, customer recency, etc.

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