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At Xeno, we’re firm believers in personalization.  However, selecting an audience to run a personalized campaign is a multi-step, tedious process even for the people who do it on a daily basis. This means that personalization is not a magic wand that you can wave over your company and then go to sleep.

Here are the steps involved to select audience the traditional way:

Plan out the objective of the campaign.

Understand the right audience to be selected for the campaign by looking at the traditional data of the campaigns.

Create the segment of the audience based on your assumptions of what the right audience should be.

How does Xeno's AI audience suggestions feature help you with this?

Our machine learning programs understand your customer behavior and come up with the best-recommended audience for your objective. Not only that, it delivers 35% higher purchases of the product targeted than the segmentation you would have chosen, if done manually. Here’s how it works:

Select the campaign objective
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Click on get audience
Voila! Your customers are identified for your campaign

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