RETAIL REIMAGINED / How "Desi" Brands are Changing the US Market

How "Desi" Brands are Changing the US Market


Learn how technology and customer-centricity can play a crucial role in creating retention and loyalty for any retail brand in this episode of Retail Reimagined with Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Shobitam as she talks in detail about the AI/ML, Customization & Personalization trends that will boost retail industry in coming years. This 30-minute conversation is nothing but the epitome of finding the "gap" in the market & building a successful D2C brand from scratch.


00:00-1:38 Introduction
1:38 - 3:32 How technology drove the beginning of the Brand "Shobitam"
3:32 - 6:13 Aparna's Journey of Passion For Fashion - From IT to Entrepreneurship
6:13 - 8:38 What made Aparna realize there's a Market Potential for Indian Ethnic Wear outside India
8:38 - 10:29 How Shobitam is democratizing Indian Sarees across the Globe with Personalization
10:29 - 16:23 How the brand is winning Customer Experience with Non-Localization & Custom Shopping Options
16:23 - 22:58 Major factors to achieve 39% Customer Retention: Lessons From Shobitam's Technology, Community & Loyalty Program
22:59 - 27:45 The Roadmap for Going Omnichannel for Digital First Brands: 2 Trends to Keep in Mind


Aparna Thyagarajan is the Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Shobitam, one of the fastest growing D2C ethnic fashion brands, with a big bold vision to "Democratize Ethnicity Globally" and a mission-led approach to make people "Look Good, Do Good & Feel Good"

Prior to founding Shobitam, she enjoyed a 7+ years career at Microsoft in both Seattle and Silicon Valley, where she developed a good understanding of E-commerce, Global Brand Building, Digital Marketing with Technology and Social Media Solutions. Building Shobitam has been a wonderful learning experience in itself, for it has taught her the importance of customer obsession, staying grounded in one’s roots, and giving back to the community.


Jitendranath Patri is the Principle Consultant at Xeno. With over 25+ years of working in Retail and leading Marketing at Central & Brand Factory, he has extensive experience in Marketing, CRM & Customer Loyalty, and technology. At Xeno, he hosts a Podcast “Retail Reimagined” where he speaks to CXOs from the retail industry and explores their journeys, experiences, and business insights.

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ft. Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Shobitam


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