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Top F&B Brands are using Xeno to increase their repeat sales
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Satisfy your customer’s cravings with Personalisation

Food is all about choices, tastes, and habits. And now there’s one more addition to this list: Personalisation. In the era of digital transformation, your customers expect communication that is personalised and tailored to their needs and preferences.

For example: A customer who has ordered 10 days ago has to be catered differently than the person who ordered 2 months ago.

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of restaurant owners have seen a measurable lift in business results from their personalization campaigns

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of consumers say encountering content that isn’t personalized would stop them from making a purchase

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of customers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers that are relevant to them

Build a deeper customer understanding

Understand what drives each customer to shop with Xeno’s CDP (customer data platform) by creating a 360* view of your customers across stores, e-commerce, loyalty & feedback systems.

How Biryani By Kilo used deeper customer understanding to increase new to repeat conversion by 21%

Get your offline customers online

Our technology aims at combining customers’ online as well as offline data to create a more holistic customer view. This makes it easier to reach out to customers and enhances engagement. The customer view hence enables us to run more relevant & personalized campaigns for each customer and maximize your ROI.

How Nando’s India Generated 171x ROI via relevant personalized campaigns

Convert first-time customers into repeat customers

Identify and categorize your customers into several buckets based on customer personas i.e favorite food product, preferred channels, discount preferences, etc. This allows you to build a deeper customer understanding and personalise campaigns for each and every customer. Hence, not only converting first-time customers to repeat, but also reactivate dormant customers and promote them to repeat customers.

How Taco Bell India grew repeat sales by 69% using X-Box Giveaways
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Encourage in-store & website orders to remove third-party dependencies

Increase in-store & website sales via personalized cross-channel campaigning. Send across personalized communication to your existing user base, not only via SMS and Email but also by utilising the power of Facebook’s and Instagram’s ad networks for a higher reach and better visibility.

How Can You Own Your Customers & De-risk yourself  as a F&B Brand?

Run unique campaigns for delivery and dine-in offers

Post COVID-19, many offices have moved to work-from-home, therefore target outlets near residential regions. Segment your audience geographically to promote dine-in offers near in-store outlets. Similarly, identify online shoppers to run delivery-specific offers. Personalize these communications on the basis of their last purchase, day time analysis, frequency, etc.

Taco Bell  launched their new menu with 30+ unique communications across channels based on each customers persona
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Run Loyalty Programs to turn your customers into brand loyalists

Loyalty programs encourage customers to visit you again and again to claim their loyalty rewards. Your loyalty program should aim at delighting your customers with exclusive benefits such as free delivery or complimentary dishes. Engage your customers with instant gratification and surprises such as unlocking a hidden reward on trying a new dish.

More about running a successful Loyalty Program here

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