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Top Beauty Brands are using Xeno to increase their repeat sales
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Meet the expectations of today's customers

Your customers have changed. They expect a lot more than what they did a few years back. Moreover, the beauty and wellness industry is inherently personal because no two faces are same, and you can no longer cater to the mass market with the same kind of communication. You need to make sure each and every communication is personalized & tailored to each and every customer. And only then your customer experience will become memorable and one that creates delight.

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of global beauty and personal care shoppers say encountering content that isn’t personalized would stop them from making a purchase

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of beauty marketers have seen a measurable lift in business results from their personalization campaigns

Build a deeper customer understanding

Understand what drives each customer to shop with Xeno’s CDP (customer data platform) by creating a 360* view of your customers across stores, e-commerce, loyalty & feedback systems.

xeno's customer data platform

Get your offline customers online

Our technology aims at combining customers’ online as well as offline data to create a more holistic customer view. This makes it easier to reach out to customers and enhances engagement. The customer view hence enables us to run more relevant & personalized campaigns for each customer and maximize your ROI.

Run Loyalty Programs to turn your customers into brand loyalists

Loyalty programs encourage customers to visit you again and again to claim their loyalty rewards. Your loyalty program should aim at delighting your customers with exclusive benefits such as complimentary products. Engage your customers with instant gratification and surprises such as unlocking a hidden reward on trying a new dish.

How Colorbar moved away from Earn-and-Burn & revamped their Loyalty Program
beauty rejuvenation campaign

Run replenishment campaigns for your customers to encourage repeat orders

Customers often forget to stock up on their favorite products. But when you remind them, your communication becomes both personalized and helpful. This is what makes replenishment campaigns super-effective! Our CRM program helps you track the buying behavior of each and every customer allowing you to run replenishment campaigns keeping in mind each of their individual preferences.

Cross-sell your products by running rejuvenation campaigns

Skincare routines have become a popular topic recently. Customers are becoming more self-conscious when it comes to taking care of their skin. This also gives you an opportunity to remind your customers to rejuvenate their skin by cross-selling your products. Run combo offers for your customers identifying their favorite product category, and clubbing those with other essential self-care products that will help them rejuvenate.

Kaya Clinic’s cross-sell strategy leading to a 51% increase in weekly revenue
kama ayurveda campaign

Make use of virtual beauty consultation to attract your customers

Customers expect the same personalized experience whether they shop offline or online. Provide the same in-store experience to your customers online with online beauty consultations. Run campaigns to attract your customers to your e-commerce stores by promoting your virtual consultation services. This is a great way to get your customers online and win their loyalty.

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